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Ugo Sheaths 


The Ugo Sheath has been designed to transform the management of male urinary incontinence, ideal for use as an alternative to incontinence pads. Open the outer box to reveal 4 weekly boxes, each containing 7 sheaths for each day of the week – giving you a convenient monthly supply.

We know that with urinary sheaths, achieving the perfect fit is key. This is why we provide the Ugo Sheath in a range of sizes, along with a discreet measuring tool so you can feel confident you’re using the perfect size.

It feels good to do your bit for the environment. This is why we purposefully designed the Ugo Sheath so it uses less plastic. As an extra green bonus, each box is also fully recyclable, too.

Sometimes, it’s useful to have some extra support. This is why the Ugo Sheath comes with handy instructions provided in multiple languages, so you can refer back to this if you need any extra guidance. For those who prefer an illustrated guide on using and caring for their sheath, we provide an informative user guide for that extra support.

The Ugo Sheath is compatible with all urine drainage bags with a universal connector, for a secure, leak-free connection you can rely on. And there’s no need to worry if you’re going to be away from home either. We provide a reusable travel pouch to store your next sheath until you’re ready to use it.

IMPORTANT: Before you use the Ugo Sheath, you should undergo a clinical assessment to ensure it's the right choice for you and you should also use our Measuring Tool to help you get the perfect fit.


Complete confidence


To ensure patients feel completely confident using the Ugo Sheath, we’ve created a comprehensive user guide and a handy measuring device for you to download and select your perfect size.

Please note: Accurate measurement and selection of the correct size Ugo Sheath is paramount to achieving the best user experience.

 Product Code  Product Description  Qty  PIP Code
 3100  Standard 25mm  7  413-4110
 3101  Standard 28mm  7 413-4102 
 3102  Standard 30mm  7  413-4128
 3103  Standard 32mm  7  413-4136
 3104  Standard 36mm  7  413-4144
3105 Standard 40mm 7 413-4151
3106 Pop-On 25mm 7 413-4169
3107 Pop-On 28mm 7 413-4177
3108 Pop-On 30mm 7 413-4185
3109 Pop-On 32mm 7 413-4193
3110 Pop-On 36mm 7 413-4201
3111 Pop-On 40mm 7 413-4219


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