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Ugo Fix Gentle (catheter clip)


Secure and reliable, the Ugo Fix Gentle re-adhesive gel pad uses soft silicone technology to ensure minimal trauma when it’s removed. It’s also easy to reposition and leaves no sticky residue.

Fixing in place comfortably, it lets patients move around freely and safely, with reduced pulling and rubbing on the bladder neck and urethra.

The Ugo Fix Gentle provides safe, effective positioning of two-way indwelling urinary catheters at the bifurcation of the catheter. It also helps secure urethral or suprapubic catheters that are attached to catheter valves or drainage bags.

The comfort and effectiveness of soft silicone technology

With the Ugo Fix Gentle, a soft silicone ‘tack’ layer provides immediate, gentle adhesion to the skin.

  • Easy to apply, remove and reposition
  • No skin preparation required before application, and no need for solutions to dissolve the adhesive when removed
  • Leaves no sticky residue
  • Effectively adheres to all skin types through multiple points of contact
  • Ideal for repeated application over the same skin area
  • Reduced risk of allergic reactions due to silicone technology
  • Showerproof, breathable and translucent

Safe and effective clip

  • Internal silicone bonding to effectively grip the catheter
  • Revolving clip motion allows natural movement
  • Raised arrow to indicate direction of catheter insertion
  • Easy-open catch with positive sensory click
  • Holds tubing away from skin to prevent marking

Complete confidence

To ensure patients feel completely confident using the Ugo Fix Gentle, Ugo have created a comprehensive patient and carer user guide.

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