Tena Skin care Bundle 3

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Tena Skin care Bundle 3

Incodirect has created a five piece skin care bundle which actively promotes fresh healthy skin and living. 

This range of skin care products have been specifically designed and formulated to promote and provide the best possible care for all skin types from elderly to fragile.  This collection of products all provide careful cleansing and moisturising action to ensure the maintenance of natural ph balance in the skin and control odour.whilst leaving you looking and feeling your best, no matter what.

Skin care sets are a great way to discover new protects and benefits.  They not only make a great gift for a loved one, but are ideal for use at home or in care facilities.

Bundle Contains:

1 x Tena Shampoo cap 

7 x Tena Wet Wash gloves 

1 x Tena Proskin wet wipes

Product Tena Shampoo Cap
Item Type In-bed hair-cleansing solution
Material Alcohol-free & soap-free
Pack Quantity 1 per bundle                                     
Product Tena Wet Wash Gloves
Item Type Disposable wash glove
Material Soft & thick textured mildly scented
Item Size 8 pieces per pack
Pack Quantity 7 pack per bundle                     
Item Type Tena ProSkin Wet Wipes
Material Large Hygiene Wet Wipes
Item Size 20 x 30cm
Pack Quantity 1 pack per bundle                             

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