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PROFORE is a multi-layer compression bandage system


PROFORE is a multi-layer compression bandaging system developed to apply sustained graduated compression for the management of venous leg ulcers and associated conditions. Multi-layer compression bandaging is the first choice in treatment for venous leg ulcers.

PROFORE is the gold standard 4 layer compression system which is backed up with extensive clinical evidence and support. A range of products is available to suit patient needs and expert support is provided through study days and education. 

PROFORE provides approximately 40mm Hg pressure at the ankle decreasing to 17mm Hg at the knee.

What is a Leg Ulcer?

A leg ulcer may be defined as a loss of skin below the knee on the leg or foot. Leg ulcers can often be unsightly, painful and slow to heal. Whether they are venous, arterial or of mixed aetiology, nearly 80% of all leg ulcer patients are cared for in the community.

Leg ulcer treatment can be reduced to once a week with compression bandages as multi-layer bandages can be left in place for up to 7 days.

PROFORE Product Range




Each system pack contains a combination of the following:

  • PROFORE wound contact layer (9.5cm x 9.5cm)
  • PROFORE #1 absorbent bandage (10cm x 3.5m unstretched)
  • PROFORE #2 light conformable dressing (10cm x 4.5m stretched / 10cm x 3m unstretched)
  • PROFORE #3 light compression bandage (10cm x 8.7m stretched)
  • PROFORE #4 flexible cohesive bandage (10cm x 5.25m stretched and 2.5m unstretched)

PROFORE is available in 4 kits containing a unique concentration of bandages to provide approximately 40mmHg pressure at the ankle, graduating to 17mmHg at the knee; see table below for Kits & components.


1. Effective Compression
Proven effective in both hospital and community treatment studies, PROFORE is designed to deliver 40mm Hg pressure at the ankle, decreasing to 17mm Hg at the knee.

2. Graduated Compression
PROFORE provides higher pressure at the ankle, with decreasing pressure exhibited at the calf.

3. Sustained Compression
Even up to a full week after application, PROFORE maintains effective levels of compression.

4. Safety
PROFORE pads bony prominences for protection and through the use of layers, compression is built up gradually.

5. Extended Wear time
PROFORE has sufficient absorption capacity to manage exudate for up to a full week without needing re-application.

6. Convenience
PROFORE system packs contain everything necessary for the application of effective graduated compression therapy.

Contraindications / Precautions

Do not use on patients with an ankle: brachial pressure index (ABPI) of less than 0.8, or on diabetic patients with advanced small vessel disease.

Should the patient develop pain or pale, cool or numb extremities distal to the dressing, the bandages should be promptly removed. It is important that the size and shape of the limb is assessed carefully and that the appropriate combination of PROFORE bandages is used - the system will not protect vulnerable areas from excessive pressure unless additional padding [PROFORE #1] is used (e.g. patients with very thin legs or prominent tibial crests).

Failure to detect significantly reduced arterial flow can result in pressure necrosis, amputation or even death.

This product has components that contain natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions in some individuals.

The risk of arterial as well as venous disease rises with age.

  • This product has components that contain natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions in some individuals.
 Product Code  Product Description  Pack Qty Ankle Circumference
 66000015  PROFORE Four Layer Bandage System  4 Less than 18cm
 66000016  PROFORE Four Layer Bandage System  8 18 - 25cm
 66000018  PROFORE Four Layer Bandage System  8 Greater than 30cm
 66000017  PROFORE Four Layer Bandage System  8 25 - 30cm
66000415 System Kit Reduced Compression 8  
67000770 PROFORE Four Layer Bandage System - latex Free 8 18 - 25cm
67000771 PROFORE Lite Three Layer Bandage System - latex Free 8 One Size


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