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Medi Derma-S Non Sting Barrier Range

Medi Derma-S Barrier Film provides long lasting barrier protection on mild/moderate skin damage

Medi Derma-S Barrier Film is a silicone-based, long-lasting, non-sting medical grade liquid which forms a protective uniform film when evenly applied to the skin. Its barrier properties protect damaged and intact skin from the harmful effects of moisture, irritants and from potential skin damage that may be caused from the application of adhesive wound dressings or pouches. It is intended for use as a primary barrier against irritation from bodily fluids.


Features & Benefits

  • Long Lasting Protection – resilient, hydrophobic protective barrier (up to 72 hours) from moisture associated skin damage
  • Non-Sting formulation helps protect both damaged and intact skin
  • Protects skin from exudates and adhesives and prevents damage and maceration
  • Does not impede the adhesion of dressings, pouches or adhesive devices and prevents and reduces trauma and related pain
  • Suitable for use on Paediatric patients
  • Dries in seconds
  • Aerosol can be sprayed and used at any angle
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Alcohol, Fragrance, Latex, Parabens and Phthalates Free


Item Type Medi Derma-S Non Sting Barrier Medi Derma-S Non Sting Barrier Medi Derma-S Non Sting Barrier Medi Derma-S Non Sting Barrier Medi Derma-S Non Sting Barrier
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Item Size Wipes 1ml Applicator 3ml Applicator 30ml Pump Spray 50ml Aerosol
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