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DURAFIBER◊ AG Dressing's


DURAFIBER AG is a range of new generation high-performing gelling fibre dressings for flat and cavity wounds including leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers and surgical wounds with the antimicrobial activity for up to 7 days to help manage wounds which are showing signs of infection.

DURAFIBER is made from a finely spun matrix of cellulose fibres that give high structural integrity in order to facilitate one-piece removal with low risk of fibre shed and dressing residue.


Effective Exudate Management

DURAFIBER AG is a highly absorbent dressing designed to manage medium to heavy exudate in flat or cavity wounds. 

How does it work?

When DURAFIBER AG comes into contact with exudate its unique dressing technology causes the individual fibres to swell as they absorb wound fluid to form a soft cohesive gel sheet.  As a result the excess exudate and any harmful bacteria it may contain are locked within the gelled dressing structure.

The locking action controls the lateral flow of fluid3 across the dressing minimising the risk of maceration to delicate peri-wound skin and helping to reduce the risk of cross contamination on dressing removal.

Effective wound coverage

DURAFIBER AG with its unique non-woven fibre blend offers assured dressing efficiencies with minimal shrinkage when wet which may help sustained coverage of the wound.

Wound coverage is key when treating exuding wounds in order to avoid pooling and maceration which could delay healing. 

Does DURAFIBER AG need a secondary dressing?

DURAFIBER AG can be used in conjunction with various secondary retentive dressings including  ALLEVYN◊ Gentle Border and PROFORE◊ for example.

A range of sizes is available including a larger size of 20cm x 30cm – ideal to help treat wet legs under compression.


 Product Code  Product Description  Pack Qty
 66800578  DURAFIBER◊ AG 5cm x 5cm  10
 66800579  DURAFIBER◊ AG 10cm x 10cm  10
 66800580  DURAFIBER◊ AG 15cm x 15cm  5
 66800581  DURAFIBER◊ AG 20cm x 30cm  5
 66800582  DURAFIBER◊ AG 2cm x 45cm  5
66800583 DURAFIBER◊ AG 4cm x 10cm 5
66800584 DURAFIBER◊ AG 4cm x 20cm 5
66800585 DURAFIBER◊ AG 4cm x 30cm 5


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