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Conveen® Security+ leg bag


In choosing a urine bag, no criteria are more important than the security and discretion it offers. The Conveen Security+ Urine Bag offers this and more.


Always free passage

No matter how the corrugated inlet tube is bend or twisted, it remains kink-free, making backflow impossible. Moreover, the exceptional flexibility of the tubing enables it to follow the natural movements of the leg, making the tubing just as discreet as the bag itself. If it is too long, the tubing can be shortened with a pair of scissors. The smooth parts of the inner wall of the

tubing prevent the upward migration of bacteria, thereby ensuring hygienic protection.


A low profile

The bag is centre-welded, creating a partial inner barrier that allows the urine to be evenly distributed into two pockets. This has a twofold function. It flattens the bag’s profile, making it less visible, and it prevents the revealing sound that can be caused by urine splashing in a partially filled bag. It’s simply more discreet.


A safe outlet

The outlet valve provides a tight and secure seal. To prevent mistakes, the valve is designed so that it is easy to see when it is properly closed. Adding to this security, an audible click indicates complete closure. The valve is easy to operate, even for those whose dexterity is limited.


Other quality features for security and comfort

  • Double weldings for double security
  • The non-return valve prevents backflow, making the bag more hygienic
  • Secure connection to the urisheath
  • Soft, non-woven backing allows the skin to breathe and it feels comfortable
  • The bag, made without PVC, is soft and light
  • Adjustable leg bag straps available separately to hold the bag securely and comfortably in place

S = sterile


 Product Code  Product Description  Size  Qty
 5160  Conveen® Security  500ml - 30cm Tube  10
 5161  Conveen® Security  500ml - 50cm Tube  10
 5162  Conveen® Security  500ml - 30cm Tube  10
 5163  Conveen® Security  500ml - 50cm Tube   10
 5164  Conveen® Security 350ml - 30cm Tube   10
5165 Conveen® Security 350ml - 50cm Tube  10
5166 Conveen® Security 750ml - 30cm Tube  10
5167 Conveen® Security 750ml - 50cm Tube  10


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