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Coloplast® Simpla Catheter Valve


A catheter valve is a tap which is connected directly to the catheter outlet. It allows drainage of urine from the bladder to be controlled, whilst helping to maintain bladder muscle tone and a good capacity.

Catheter valves have been used for many years and are a popular alternative to wearing a urine drainage bag. They are easy to use, whilst offering the wearer discretion, comfort and independence.


The Simpla Catheter Valve provides a discreet form of continence management, whilst mimicking normal bladder function. It boasts the award winning lever-action tap – a low profile lever, which lies flat against the outlet tube. It is easy to use without loss of security and is especially easy if the user has limited dexterity.

  • Lever-action tap
  • Supplied sterile
  • Fits all catheters and sheaths
  • Ridged connector for secure connection and safe removal
  • Available in packs of five
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 CV3808  Coloplast® Simpla Catheter Valve  5


Please note that before using a catheter valve it is important you are assessed by your healthcare professional to ensure that a catheter valve is suitable for you.


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