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Clinifilm® Gentle And Effective Protection Range

Specially designed to shield skin from the harmful effects of bodily fluids and solids.

It’s ideal for use in stoma, wound and continence care or whenever the skin is at risk of fluid damage.  Drying in seconds, Clinifilm® leaves a transparent film providing lasting protection as well as secure adhesion for stoma pouches or wound dressings. It’s also suitable for use with incontinence pads without affecting performance.

Clinifilm® Barrier Film Spray

Clinifilm’s® innovative propellant-free ‘bag-in-can’ spray is quiet, doesn’t chill the skin and delivers a no-touch application:

• No propellants to chill or sting the skin
• Contains a FULL 50ml of Clinifilm® – no space wasted with propellants
• Can be used in any position, even upside-down
• Near 100% emptying – no wastage

Clinifilm® Barrier Film Wipes

Clinifilm® also comes in convenient single-wipe sachets for easy use in any situation.

• Quick and convenient wipe
• Single-use protection

Clinifilm® Barrier Cream

Clinifilm® cream has an emollient base that means it is:

• Fast absorbing
• Long lasting
• Offering effective protection

Item Type Clinifilm Spray Clinifilm Wipes Clinifilm Barrier Cream Clinifilm Barrier Cream
Product Code 300719 300718 300723 300722
Item Size 50 ml wipes 100 grams 28 grams
Pack Quantity 1 per pack 30 per pack 1 per pack 5 applicators