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Beambridge Bottle Bag


Beambridge Bottle Bags are designed to be paired directly with either a large Male Funnel or a Lady Funnel. Men also have the option to urinate directly into the bag. Unlike drainage bag and leg bags, the Bottle Bags do not have a connecting tube between the product and the bag. The bag has a maximum capacity of 750ml and a 45mm diameter screw top opening, which is used to seal the bag after use. 

Tube Options

  • 'With Tube and Tap' : Can be paired with a drainage bag or leg bag.
  • 'No Tube- Closed End' : Must be emptied into a toilet.
 Product Code  Product Description  Option Qty   PIP Code
 6-80  Beambridge Bottle Bag  With T Tap  10  371-0233
6-85   Beambridge Bottle Bag  Without T Tap  10  373-9760


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