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 Beambridge Bed Bottle 



The Beambridge Bed Bottle is specifically designed for men to use in bed. It has the greatest standalone capacity of the male product range.

Total useable unit volume without a bag = 1200ml.

To reduce the risk of spillage, the Adult Funnel Short can be used as a non spill adaptor (see images).

Tube Options

  • 'With Tap' -  Can be used with or without a drainage Bag or leg bag.  
  • 'Without Tap' - Must be used with a drainage bag or leg bag.
  • 'Closed' -  The product has a closed end and does not drain; it will require emptying after each void.

Recommended Bag Options

  • Drainage Bag

  • Leg Bag 500ml

  • Leg Bag 750ml

 Product Code  Product Description  Option  Qty PIP Code 
 6-BBT   Beambridge Bed Bottle   With Tap  405-1231
 6-BB   Beambridge Bed Bottle   Without Tap  1  
6-BBC Beambridge Bed Bottle  Closed 1 408-7177


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