Tena Protect - Looking After You And The Planet Too

Date: 28/06/21

We all want to play our part in protecting the planet by reducing consumption, recycling where we can and minimising waste. But as a user of incontinence products uk, this isn’t always possible. You have no option to reduce the amount of products you use, or to cut down on the waste they produce. So how can you improve your own carbon footprint without compromising on the quality and confidence you depend on?
Fortunately, Tena are working hard to make their incontinence products uk more environmentally friendly, so you can enjoy the same level of protection while also protecting the environment. This work is making a real difference and they have recently been rewarded for their efforts with the prestigious Nordic Swan certification for selected products.

What is Nordic Swan?
Nordic Swan is an internationally recognised environmental standard that covers a number of key phases in a product’s lifecycle. This includes everything from the raw materials used, the production process and the product packaging, to delivery, transport and after-use management. It follows the ISO14024 standard for absorbent products.

While the Nordic Swan certification is one of the toughest in the world, Tena products already satisfied most of the criteria, so it was simple for the company to go the extra mile to reach the standard. As part of the Tena Protects program, all products already underwent a Life Cycle Assessment, the results of which are made public and published on the third-party-certified Environmental Product Declarations website for all to see.

Tena Protects
Tena have been working to make their products more ecologically sound for over a decade. The Tena protects program began in 2008, creating a number of challenging targets. These include work on every stage of the process, from raw materials to transport logistics. 

The overall aim is to reduce the carbon footprint of Tena products by 50% by 2030. The company is already well on target to meet or even exceed that goal, with reductions of 11% to 33% already achieved.

Renewable Energy
One of the key factors in achieving these reductions in carbon footprint has been a move to renewable energy. Since 2020, Tena has been transitioning to use electricity from 100% renewable sources in all of its European factories. This move alone will reduce the carbon footprint of Tena products by 6% during manufacturing.

Tena have also made changes to the products themselves, incorporating renewable raw materials such as Nordic Swan approved pulp, and incorporating recycled materials into packaging. Furthermore, the company is working to maximise after-use sustainability by creating products that can be recycled or burned in incinerators to generate energy.

Direct Delivery
By choosing IncoDirect, you are playing your part in reducing the environmental impact of your incontinence products uk. Instead of products being delivered to pharmacies and supermarkets, and you having to make multiple trips to buy them using your own vehicle, you can order in bulk for direct delivery to your home. Our delivery vans can make multiple drops in your area for the same fuel and carbon emissions as your trip to the shops, significantly reducing the ‘product miles’ involved in getting your supplies and minimising the environmental impact.

We all have a part to play in the future of our planet, and with Tena Nordic Swan certified products, and IncoDirect home delivery, you can help to minimise your own environmental impact.

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