Support Products for Incontinence

Date: 27/08/20

While the NHS estimates that incontinence directly affects as many as three- to six-million people in the UK, it also indirectly affects many thousands more who look after someone with continence needs. From care home staff to district nurses, partners to relatives, there is an army of carers across the country who are there for incontinence sufferer’s day-in, day-out, all year round.
As well as supporting individuals with high quality incontinence products like pads and pants, we’re also here to support carers with a wide range of PPE, skin care and other products, all designed to make caring for incontinence as simple and hygienic as possible.

Personal Protective Equipment
IncoDirect can supply a variety of incontinence products, to protect yourself and your clothing when assisting someone with incontinence. Our range covers everything, so you can too, from masks and gloves to disposable aprons. It’s all affordable and disposable, making it easy to care for yourself while caring for them, and it can all be delivered discreetly to your door ready to use whenever you need it, saving you the time and inconvenience of shopping and ensuring your never without the protection you need when it counts.

Skin care
One of the biggest problems that comes with incontinence is skin issues. Without proper care and cleansing, skin that is wet, or exposed to urine or faeces on a regular basis, can quickly deteriorate, leading to serious problems. IncoDirect offers a comprehensive range of incontinence products specific to skin care to suit all circumstances, taking care of their skin from washing to lasting protection.

The IncoDirect skincare range includes wipes and bodywash, along with wash gloves and cloths, to help you keep sensitive areas clean. Once clean, you can use our comprehensive selection of barrier creams, emollients and ointments, from all the leading brands, to provide lasting protection. These include the latest sting-free formulas and are available as creams, sprays, wipes and foams to suit all circumstances and personal preferences. 

Practical accessories
Of course, there is more to living with incontinence than keeping clean and healthy, and we can help you with the practical as well as the physical, including a wide range of bed and seat protection sheets and pads that provide complete peace of mind. And anyone who has struggled with woefully small nappy bags will appreciate our large sized disposable bags, which are not only large enough for adult products, but also scented for added discretion. 
Allowing access to over 9,000 locked disability toilets across the UK, the RADAR key is perhaps the most practical item of them all, and you can order yours directly through our website.

Here to help
Here at IncoDirect, we are respect and admire anyone who is caring for someone with incontinence issues. We want you to know that we are here to support you in any way we can, from high quality products with convenient delivery, to expert advice and articles packed with useful information. It may feel like a struggle sometimes, but you are not alone. We are all in this together.

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