Planning A Holiday

Date: 25/05/21

After a long lockdown, things are finally looking up for holiday travel, both in the UK and selected countries abroad. For most people, this will be exciting news, filling them with anticipation of carefree days in the sun. Unfortunately, for incontinence sufferers, holidays can be a really stressful time and the thought of travelling can fill them with dread. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little planning, you can travel in comfort and enjoy a relaxed, laid back holiday just like anyone else.

Choose your trip carefully
You can take out a lot of stress by choosing your trip carefully. For example, picking a resort that is close to the airport will avoid a long transfer on a coach that may not have a loo.  Alternatively, hire a car to get from the airport to the resort, so you can stop whenever you need to. 

Avoid trips with too much touring and stay away from remote areas where you may not be able to find the facilities or help that you need. You know how long you feel comfortable being away from a loo, so choose a holiday and a destination that fit this schedule.

Be prepared
Order plenty of incontinence products well before your departure so you are not worrying whether they will arrive in time. IncoDirect will deliver discreetly, direct to your door, and can easily increase your order for holidays. If you take any medication, it is worth getting a letter or a prescription from your GP to make sure you have no issues at customs. Make sure you have plenty of stock, and some spares, as you may not be able to get the same products in the country that you’re visiting.

If you have a long journey by car or coach, try experimenting with thicker, more absorbent pads before you go, as these can help you last longer between toilet visits. Even planes can hit turbulence, forcing you to stay in your seat for prolonged periods, so it’s worth being ready. Talk to the IncoDirect team about the different high absorption incontinence products available. 

Split your stock
Never pack all of your incontinence products in one suitcase, as airlines often lose baggage and can take a few days to get your cases back to you, if they manage it at all. Pack a separate carry-on bag with a few days’ supply just in case. The rest can go in your main luggage. You may find that your airline does not count incontinence products as part of your luggage allowance, so you don’t have to use up all of your packing space. It is well worth asking in advance to see if this is the case.

A flying start
When it comes to flying, make sure you pre-book your seat as an aisle end near the toilet. This may cost a little extra, but it is worth every penny for a stress-free flight. Paying for priority boarding is also worthwhile, as it can avoid a long wait at the gate. Remember, you can still use the loo on the plane until take off. If you feel comfortable doing so, mention your condition discreetly to the cabin crew. They may be able to let you jump the queue if you are desperate, or even use the facilities in first or business class.

On holiday
Naturally, you will want to let your hair down on holiday, but it’s still worth avoiding food and drink that irritates the bladder. This includes caffeinated drinks, alcohol and spicy foods. You may not want to avoid these altogether, you are on holiday after all, but be sensible and be prepared with additional incontinence products if you do indulge.

You may be tempted to reduce your fluid intake, especially if touring around in unfamiliar places, but staying hydrated is very important, especially in hot climates. Drink plenty of bottled water but avoid colas and energy drinks.

Last, but not least, make sure that you learn how to ask for the toilet in the native language of the country you are visiting. The time saved in being able to ask directly, instead of struggling to make yourself clear, can make all the difference.

With just a little thought and planning, and the right incontinence products, there’s no reason why your problem should stop you travelling and enjoying your holiday to the full.

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