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Post-Natal Incontinence

You are more likely to experience problems if you had urinary issues during pregnancy, if you had a long or difficult delivery, or if your baby was particularly large. Read More

Now we’re supporting you even more

​​​​​​​As you would expect, we’ve been really busy here at IncoDirect during the lockdown, as customers old and new take advantage of our discreet, delivery direct to your door. Read More

One less thing to worry about

No one wants to run out of nappies, yet at the same time, no one wants to put themselves and their family at risk by shopping more than is necessary. Read More

The Freedom of Incontinence Pants

Incontinence may be a common problem, but unfortunately, many people are still put off seeking help for fear of stigma or embarrassment. In fact, one study found that people wait on average around 5 years from their first symptoms before seeking help... Read More

A Certain Service In Uncertain Times

With so much uncertainty surrounding coronavirus, it’s good to know you can count on Incodirect for discreet delivery direct to your door, with no need to visit crowded supermarkets and no risk of empty shelves. Read More