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Don’t put yourself in lockdown this Christmas

Modern incontinence products mean you can go out and enjoy a full and active life without worrying about accidents or embarrassment. Read More

Order & Delivery Schedule For Christmas & New Year

The latest delivery information for Incontinence products from Incodirect, over the festive period of 2020. Read More

Hospital study confirms effectiveness of Tena wash cream

Maintaining skin health is a major issue for many incontinence sufferers, especially the elderly, whose skin is already fragile. Read More

UN World Toilet Day

In the developed world, even those of us who need incontinence care take sanitation and toilets for granted. But sadly, the same is not true across the world. Read More

Stress Incontinence

With a combination of the best incontinence products, to keep you fresh and dry, and the right programme of lifestyle changes and other treatments, you can learn to live with, and very possibly overcome, stress incontinence, so you can enjoy life to ... Read More