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Self-Help For Incontinence

Incontinence can strike both men and women at any age. The most common types of incontinence are urge incontinence, where you feel a sudden and urgent need to go, and stress incontinence, where you leak when you cough or laugh. Read More

Is Incontinence Inevitable In Old Age?

It is a widely held belief that urinary incontinence is an inevitable part of aging. It is seen as something that older people, and their carers, just have to learn to live with by using incontinence pads for the elderly and restricting their lifesty... Read More

Night Time Incontinence

There are a wide range of disposable bed mats for adults and mattress protectors available on the market, ranging from absorbent disposable bed mats for adults to incontinence bed sheets. Read More

Incontinence In Children

IncoDirect has a full range of nappies available for direct home delivery, from premature nappies to larger sizes, pull-ups and sleep pants. Read More

Tena Protect - Looking After You And The Planet Too

We all want to play our part in protecting the planet by reducing consumption, recycling where we can and minimising waste. But as a user of incontinence products uk, this isn’t always possible. Read More