National Urology Week Sept 2021

Date: 10/09/21

Urinary incontinence is not uncommon, yet sadly for the most part, it is still not discussed and in far too many cases it is not treated. There remains a stigma around the condition that leads to feelings of shame and embarrassment which stop people from getting the help and support that they need. This year’s Urology Week aims to change this, by raising awareness of incontinence, showing sufferers that they are not alone and explaining the help and support that is available, such as urinary products, self-techniques and much more.

What is Urology Week?

Urology Week is an annual event organised by the European Association of Urology (EAU).  This is an organisation that works to bring together urology experts and urinary products suppliers, along with sufferers and their families, to raise awareness of urological conditions and potential symptoms. This year, Urology Week takes place between 20th and 24th September and will focus on urinary incontinence.

What is Urology Week about?

The aim of Urology Week 2021 is to raise awareness of incontinence and to educate the general public about the condition and the various treatment options and urinary products available. This will include discussions on BBC and local radio stations, which will bring incontinence into the light and hopefully break many of the taboos surrounding the condition.

How do I get involved?

A list of Urology Week events will be posted on the Urology Week website, and you can use this to post details of your own event. The site also has downloadable posters you can use to publicise your event.

Incontinence sufferers are also encouraged to share their story to comfort and inspire others. You may want to share useful hints and tips on how to live with incontinence, or review your experience with urinary products. It is an open forum, and it is up to you what you share. If you want to take part, you can send your experiences to, and if appropriate, they will be published on the site.

International survey

As one of the highlights of Urology Week, the EAU will be publishing the results of a survey of over 3000 members of the public from across Europe on the subject of incontinence. This will be released on Monday 20th September. Practitioners and patient groups can still take part in this survey by asking the EAU for the questions.

What does Urology Week 2021 hope to achieve?

It’s all about starting the conversation. Urology Week aims to lift the stigma and get people talking openly about incontinence, in the media, online and even at a national level with governments and health professionals. You can join this discussion by creating your own social media posts on the subject, and also sharing Urology Week posts made by the EAU and others. Just remember to use #urologyweek when you do.

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