Incontinence products for active lifestyles

Date: 26/10/20

It is easy to view urinary incontinence as a very restrictive condition. Studies show that many people allow their problems to limit their activities when they are unsure if there will be toilets available, and even if there are, some will still avoid some activities for fear of being caught short or being embarrassed by a leak. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Modern incontinence products are designed to give you all the confidence and control you need to carry on with your normal life, enjoying sports and outdoor activities with complete peace of mind.

Pads and pants 
There is a huge range of pads and pants available to match every activity level and every level of incontinence, from occasional small leaks to a constant flow. These are all designed for maximum comfort, with a special layer that draws moisture away, a breathable top layer that protects the skin and a central core that locks in moisture to avoid any leaks. 

These products are designed to be discreet and are shaped to fit the contours of your body so only you will know. Modern technology means that you can get remarkable absorbency from a surprisingly thin pad or pull on pant. 

Designed for an active life
While most pads will fit inside your normal underwear, if you are especially active, you may wish to consider other options. Special fixing pants are available that are designed to hold pads in place far better than normal shorts or briefs. They have a wider crotch to hold the pad and a greater elasticity to keep it firmly in place. These can be worn under your sports kit with complete confidence and can be washed multiple times for reuse, making them affordable and environmentally friendly.

Full protective pants, such as pull up or belted pants, give the ultimate protection because they fit better, with elasticated legs and waistband to protect you in the unlikely event of a leak. These may not give you the same feeling of freedom as other incontinence products, and they may feel a little bulkier, but their increased performance makes them ideal for full day activities such as hiking, sightseeing and travel.

Other products
Alongside pants and pads, there are a number of other products that can help you maintain an active lifestyle despite urinary incontinence. For example, compression pouches or sheaths can be used during sports games, avoiding the need for pads or pants while you play. These attach directly to the head of the penis and some can hold as much as 150ml, making them ideal for mild to moderate leakage.

Portable urinals can also be a huge help for men suffering with incontinence, as they take away the fear of being unable to find a toilet when you need one. Often just knowing you have the option to go if you need to can be enough to stop any feelings of panic that come with urge incontinence, and this can help you last until you can find a normal toilet.

Live your life
There is no reason that incontinence should dictate what you can and cannot do. With the right products, you can still live life to the full, enjoying all the activities you want to. Talk to your GP or continence specialist today, or call the friendly team at IncoDirect for expert advice on the right products to keep you active and confident in all areas of your life. 

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