Incodirect Welcome John To The Team!

Date: 04/10/21

At IncoDirect and Ostomed, we take pride in helping people with a wide range of complex ongoing medical needs.  One successful area of our business is helping people with continence problems with products to help live their lives to the full. We not only deliver a wide range of continence products directly and discreetly to the patient’s door, we also offer ongoing support from a caring team of experts who are always available to help with everything from lifestyle issues to product selection.

Naturally, this caring approach extends beyond our customers to include our own team. We were delighted to help out one young man who was determined to go to work and make something of his life, despite severe difficulties. It has been a hugely rewarding experience for him, and for all of us, and we are very proud of everything John has achieved as part of our family.

This is John’s story, as told by his dedicated father…

“Our son John has worked for Ostomed for 3 years and although he is in his thirties this is actually his first real (and paid) job. John was born with Autism and a Learning Disability and requires support every day for the things most people do for themselves. He lives in supported accommodation and is supported by HFT.

Despite John’s significant disability he also has great abilities in many areas, and we have always promoted John doing constructive things. While John had done a lot of volunteer work in the past we all wanted him to explore a genuine paid role, which would recognise his contributions. HFT employ someone who assists people to obtain work placements and John was referred to him. Ostomed were approached to see if they would give John the opportunity of a job and following all the necessary planning gave John a start.

While John attends work with his support staff from HFT, the Ostomed workforce and management have also positively assisted John in being successful there. They have accommodated him really well and have been tolerant of John’s differences and difficulties. It really has been win / win all round. As John performs to the required standard, his self-esteem is greatly improved. His support staff have the satisfaction of knowing that they are playing a part in something constructive. And for John, his contribution is rightly acknowledged by way of getting paid.

As his parents, to see him getting his first pay slip at the age of 36 was actually an emotional experience for us, we never thought we would see this. There are many more people with disabilities who would thrive if given the chance in the way Ostomed and HFT have done for John.”

The work we have done with John reflects the approach of our whole company here at IncoDirect and Ostomed. We are here to help you to live your best life, whatever your medical issues or limitations. If you think we could help you, we’d love the opportunity to try, so get in touch today.

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