How to store your pads and pants

Date: 11/01/21

Modern incontinence products are a marvel of technology, designed to keep you dry and comfortable and give you the confidence to live your life to the full. Yet something as simple as how you store them can make a significant difference to their performance. So, what is the issue and how should you store adult incontinence pads?

How they work
Adult incontinence pads work using a multi-layer design. They comprise of a dry-feel top layer that conducts fluid away from the skin and an absorbent core that locks this moisture away. The absorbent core is usually a combination of paper pulp and super absorbent crystals that can hold a remarkable amount of liquid compared to their initial volume.

Unfortunately, while adult incontinence pads are a very clever design, they are not smart enough to know the difference between the liquid you want them to absorb and dampness in the atmosphere. Which means that if you store them in a damp environment, they will absorb moisture from the air.

Where should I store them?
Naturally, you will want to store your products discreetly, out of the way, but keeping them in a damp garage or shed is not the answer. For convenience, many people store their adult incontinence pads in the bathroom, but this can be the dampest place in your home and will seriously compromise the effectiveness of your products. However, if this is the only available storage area a plastic storage box with secure fitting lid is recommended

For best results, you should store your adult incontinence pads in a warm, dry room, such as a bedroom. Try to keep them in the original packaging until you need them, as unpacking them and putting them on a shelf for a long time only leaves them exposed to the moisture in the air. 

You should also avoid crushing your pads by hiding them under other heavy items, as this could break up the pulp and make the pad less effective. For the same reason, pads should never be tightly packed into a drawer or cupboard where they can become damaged but stored preferably in their original packaging or in a plastic carrier bag that can be tied to keep ambient moisture out.

While it is tempting to hide your adult incontinence pads away in the garage or shed, if you take the time to look after them properly, they will look after you, with high absorbency that you can count on to keep you comfortable and dry with no smells or leaks. For more advice on storing adult incontinence products, talk to our friendly team today.

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