Cruise Holiday Planning

Date: 18/10/21

With the ongoing impact of the pandemic, many cruise companies are struggling to get bookings, which means that they are almost giving their holidays away. Cruise holidays that have always been way beyond your means are suddenly affordable. But how do cruise holidays work if you are incontinent, and are you even welcome onboard with the incontinence?

A Common Problem

The good news is that the answer is yes; everyone is welcome on cruise holidays, including those with incontinence problems. When you consider the average age of cruise passengers, the companies would lose a significant chunk of their market if they didn’t make sufferers feel welcome. This also means that incontinence is something they have seen, and dealt with, many times before, so there is nothing to feel ashamed or embarrassed about. All it takes is a little planning.


Although cruise ships are used to incontinent passengers, it is unlikely you will be able to buy products like Tena incontinence pants onboard ship, so you need to come prepared. Make sure you pack plenty of your usual incontinence products, then add a generous safety margin. Make sure you pack plenty of disposal bags too.

Getting There

If you are flying to meet your cruise ship, most airlines will not count a suitcase of Tena incontinence products towards your luggage allowance, but you should check with them in advance. Don’t put all your products in one case though, because if this goes missing, you will be stuck. Keep at least a couple of days’ supply in your hand luggage just in case.

If You Run Out

You may be able to get incontinence pads and pants from the medical centre in an emergency, but these are unlikely to be your usual brand or the exact fit, so they will not be comfortable. If you are used to Tena Lady incontinence pants, then make sure you pack enough of these for the whole trip and more. If you have any left over at the end of the cruise, donate them to the medical centre for others to use.

Tell Your Steward

Onboard stewards are very discreet and understanding, so you can tell them about your situation in complete confidence. It is their job to make your stay as pleasant as possible, so they will not make a fuss. For instance, they’ll arrange for things like extra bin emptying and more regular bedding changes and can even arrange laundry services if you need them. Be considerate to the staff servicing your room by sealing your disposal bags tightly.

Be Careful With Food And Drink

As we discussed recently on this blog, certain foods and drinks can irritate the bladder and make incontinence symptoms worse. For example, spicy foods, citrus fruits and caffeinated drinks like cola and coffee can all leave you feeling uncomfortable, so they are best avoided. If you are cruising somewhere warm, it is important to drink plenty of fluids, even if you are concerned about leaks. Dehydration will only make your incontinence worse and can have some serious consequences for your general health.

Spot The Toilets

One of the great things about holidaying on a cruise ship is that you know there will always be a clean, quality toilet close by. Better still, you take these toilets with you wherever you go, so you never have to worry about using poor quality facilities in foreign countries. Scope out the dining room and other areas of the ship when you first arrive so you always know where the nearest loo is if you suddenly need it.

You’re Not Alone

The most important thing is to relax and enjoy yourself. On a cruise ship with hundreds, or even thousands of passengers, you are not going to be the only one who suffers with incontinence. In fact, there will probably be a large number of your fellow passengers who are in the same situation. If they can trust their Tena incontinence pads enough to get up and dance, then so can you.

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